The Community Powered C# Pokémon GO Bot

- NecroBot v2 -

Simply the best FREE Pokemon GO Bot
Made possible by an awesome community of developers, that contributes to the NecroBot GitHub
These are some of the features:

Advanced Gameplay

Including -but not limited to- Capturing, Evolving and Transferring Pokemon, along with Farming PokeStops

Humanlike Walking

The character movement algorithms are designed to appear natural. No teleporting from coordinate to coordinate

Quick Setup

Just download, change the settings accordingly, login with your PTC or Google account and you're off! You can monitor every action, live, on your screen

Carefully coded

Beautiful on the outside and smart on the inside. Our code is clean, extremely readable and no trouble to modify or maintain.

Pokémon Server Status

check the server status here: Is Pokémon GO down or not?

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